How to Turn a Wicker Basket into Planter


Do you want to convert your wicker basket into a planter? In that case, the first step should be protecting the baskets from water because spraying water on the plants due to spillage affects the basket and causes fungal attacks and leakage, completely spoiling the basket.

Turning the wicker basket into a planter is the best idea to repurpose an item that may end up in the trash.

You can add charm and creative eco-friendly DIY to your garden or indoor space.

So by following waterproofing tips, you can protect your pricey baskets from physical or natural damage.

How to turn a wicker basket into planter

Materials required:

  1. Wicker basket
  2. Landscaping fabric
  3. Potting soil
  4. Plants
  5. Water
  6. Fertiliser

How to turn a wicker basket into a planter?

1. Choose the right wicker basket:

Look for a sturdy wicker basket with a flat bottom and a large enough wide mouth to hold the plant you want to grow.

The basket should be clean and debris free before you begin.

Sunny spot- choose a deeper basket.

Shady spot- choose a shallow basket that would retain moisture.

2. Fabric lining:

To prevent the soil from falling through the holes in the wicker, you must line the basket with landscaping fabric.

Cut the fabric according to the size of the basket and gently press the material into the corners and sides of the basket.

Trim the excess fabric that comes out of the basket.

3. Add potting soil:

Use high-quality soil+organic manure suitable for your plant to grow.

Loose and well-drained soil is suitable so roots can easily penetrate and absorb nutrients and water.

Start filling the basket with soil and gently press the soil to spread evenly and leave enough space at the top of the basket to accommodate the plants you plan to grow.

4. Choose a healthy plant:

Plants thrive in sunny spots, petunias, marigolds, and zinnias.

Plants grow well in shady spot-Begonias, hostas, impatiens.

Select a plant based on the sunny or shady spot.

You can select plants based on colour, texture and size.

5. Place the plant in a basket:

Now place the plant by making a hole at the centre and gently surround it with soil.

After placing the plant water thoroughly, ensure the soil is moist.

To keep your wicker basket vibrant and good-looking, it is also essential to maintain it.

As the plants grow, trim them at regular intervals.

Also, fertilise the plant to promote healthy growth.

So next time you’re looking for a creative way to repurpose an old item, consider turning a wicker basket into a planter by following the above given easy steps.


1. Can I able to use a wicker basket in a planter?

 You can easily convert a wicker basket into a planter by following the above guide and using them for decorative colourful flowering plants.

2. Can you plant directly into the woven basket?

Covering the basket with a fabric cloth allows you to grow a plant directly into a woven basket.

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