Acroclinium Flower Season in India

Are you interested in knowing the exact acroclinium flowering season in India? Then continue reading further, It is a winter flower that grows for just one season and is called an Annual plant.

The Acroclinium flower season in India usually begins in the early months of spring and continues until the arrival of the monsoon season. You can sow Acroclinium seeds from autumn to winter (end of September to January) in plains and from March to May in hilly areas.

The accurate timing can vary depending on the region and local climate.

Acroclinium Flower Season in India

Acrolinium is a commercial flower and these flowers are often used for decorations and ornamental purposes. 

This flower is rounded, double or semidouble flat and these daisy blooms are similar in appearance and texture to strawflowers.

Acroclinium flowers bloom in different colors such as:

  •    Pink
  •    White
  •    Bright yellow.

These papery flowers bloom in about 40-50 days and are known as everlasting daisies.

In this article, you will know exactly the Acroclinium flower season in India, so continue reading further.

Best season to grow Acroclinium flower in India:

The best time to grow Acroclinium flowers in India is during the cool and dry winter months from November to February.

These conditions are perfect for their growth resulting in beautiful blooms and healthy plants.

Seed development:

After sowing for 7-10 days the seeds will germinate, and small shoots will emerge.

During the second to third week, small Acroclinium plants will start to grow.

Favorable soil temperature:

The best favorable soil temperature for the Acroclinium flower is 10-35C.

The seeds will germinate after 1-2 weeks.

Geographic distribution:

These flowers are particularly abundant in temperate climates like western ghats, Nilgiri hills, and parts of northeastern India are some of the prominent locations to witness the mesmerizing beauty of these blossoms.

How to cultivate Acroclinium flowers?

Seed sowing:

Step 1: The first step in seed sowing is container selection. Choose the best container with drainage holes below to drain excess water.

Step 2: Now fill the entire container with good quality well-decomposed organic compost and soil in a ratio of 2:1.

Step 3: Take a few seeds in your hand and spread the seeds in the container.

Step 4: Dap the soil after placing the seeds inside the soil.

Step 5: Final and important step is after watering the seeds now, sprinkle the water over the soil for moisture presence.

Soil and sunlight requirement:

Acroclinium flowers thrive in well-draining soil with a slightly acidic to neutral PH. They grow well in partial shade, making them suitable for different types of gardens.

When to plant and water Acroclinium flowers?

Acroclinium sowing month in India:

Rhodanthe (Acroclinium) prefers cool, short days and hates growing in hot summers.

You can sow Acroclinium seeds from autumn to winter (end of September to January) in plains and from March to May in hilly areas.

Seeds are the main source of propagation for Acroclinium flowers. Sow the seeds in the desired location during the recommended planting season.

Regular watering is essential during dry spells.

Important pest control and maintenance:

Look for common garden pests and take appropriate measures to protect your Acroclinium plants.

Regular pruning and removing faded flowers can help prolong the blooming period.

How to take care of the Acroclinium flower plant?

1. Sunlight:

The Acroclinium flower plant thrives in areas with less sunlight, so it should be placed in a spot that receives indirect rather than direct sunlight.

2. Water requirement:

During the summer, water the acroclinium flower plant daily using a shower-like watering method ensuring the water gently falls above the plant rather than pouring directly onto it.

3. Fertilizer:

The fertilizer composition should be around two parts of well-decomposed compost and one part of soil.

Suitable organic manure includes well-rotted dung manure, farm manure, or vermicompost.

Once the Acroclinium flower plants reach a maturity of over 45 days, please provide them with one tablespoon of 15-15-15(NPK) fertilizer per plant or scatter some vermicompost around each plant in the soil.

4. Care of leaves:

Regularly inspect the leaves for early signs of insect infestation, fungal growth, or other infections.

If any symptoms are detected, promptly apply appropriate treatments or pesticides.

5. Flowering time:

Expect the acroclinium flowers to bloom approximately 35-50 days after planting the seeds.

Medicinal benefits of Acroclinium flower:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties:  

Acroclinium flowers reduce inflammation and swelling.

2. Antioxidant activity:

Rich in antioxidants, they combat free radicals and promote overall health.

3. Respiratory benefits:

Soothe respiratory discomfort, reduce cough, and ease congestion.

4. Calming effects:

Promote relaxation, 

Reduce anxiety, 

Improve sleep quality.

5. Digestive support:

Aid digestion, relieve indigestion and bloating.

6. Skin health:

Moisture skin, reduce irritation and maintain skin health.

7. Wound healing:

Support wound healing, reduce inflammation, and promote tissue repair.

8. precaution:

Before using the above-mentioned remedy you should consult a doctor importantly if you are pregnant or have other sort of health issues.


In India, during the acroclinium flower season, everyone gets excited and celebrates the beauty of nature. These flowers look delicate and pretty and have become special to people across the country.

You should cherish them and work together to protect and save these flowers so our children and grandchildren can enjoy their beauty too.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the best time to witness the acroclinium flower season in India?

The Acroclinium flower season in India typically occurs during the early months of spring and extends until the arrival of the monsoon season.

2. How long do Acroclinium flowers bloom?

Acroclinium flowers bloom for several weeks providing a delightful display of color during their blooming period.

3. Can Acroclinium flowers be grown in pots?

Acroclinium flowers can be grown in pots, provided they receive adequate sunlight and proper care.

4. What colors do acroclinium flowers come in?

Acroclinium flowers come in various colors, including white, pink, red, purple, and yellow, offering a delightful variety for floral enthusiasts.

5. Are acroclinium flowers endangered?

As of now, Acroclinium flowers are not considered endangered.

However, conservation efforts are essential to protect their habitats and ensure their continued growth.

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