Do hibiscus plant need full Sun?

Both indoor plant enthusiasts and avid gardeners hold hibiscus plants in high esteem due to their captivating, extravagant flowers and abundant foliage.  When contemplating the cultivation of hibiscus, whether in gardens or as indoor plants, individuals often inquire about their lighting requirements, specifically questioning the necessity of direct sunlight. Do hibiscus plants need full Sun? … Read more

How to Prune hibiscus tree

Dont, know how to prune a hibiscus tree well. In this blog, we are going to explain that step by step. Bytheway pruning your hibiscus tree can effectively maintain its healthy growth and promote abundant flowering. Pruning is removing the unwanted part of the plant so that the plant can spend its nutrients in essential … Read more

How to Turn a Wicker Basket into Planter

Introduction: Do you want to convert your wicker basket into a planter? In that case, the first step should be protecting the baskets from water because spraying water on the plants due to spillage affects the basket and causes fungal attacks and leakage, completely spoiling the basket. Turning the wicker basket into a planter is … Read more

How to take care for a Hibiscus tree

Botanical name-Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis  Family – Malvaceae Hibiscus is a plant with different colors of flowers mainly used for decorative and medicinal purposes. Hibiscus tea is prevalent and used to treat liver problems and high blood pressure. Although the origin of hibiscus is unknown, people have cultivated it in China, Japan, and the Pacific islands throughout … Read more