Acroclinium Flower Season in India

Are you interested in knowing the exact acroclinium flowering season in India? Then continue reading further, It is a winter flower that grows for just one season and is called an Annual plant. The Acroclinium flower season in India usually begins in the early months of spring and continues until the arrival of the monsoon … Read more

Flowers that Bloom at Night:

Instead of selecting plants that thrive when you’re absent, consider choosing ones that flourish when you’re present to enjoy their beauty. These beautiful flowers that bloom at night emit their enchanting fragrances during the evening to night hours. There are certain flowers called “night flowers” or “moonflowers” that bloom at night. Instead of opening during … Read more

Best Fertilizer for Flowering Plants in India

Depending on the type of soil, the climate, and the particular needs of the plants, the best fertilizer for flowering plants in India will vary.  In general, healthy growth and flowering can be encouraged by balanced fertilizers that include equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK).  Compost and cow manure are the best two … Read more

365 days flowering plants in India

India’s diverse topography, soil types, and climate account for its rich floral history, where you can find numerous flowering plants with varying blooming seasons. Some typical examples of 365 days flowering plants in India are listed below based on their growing months. In this blog, you can understand what flowering plant to choose for your … Read more

Basic steps to get flowers to open faster?

You can easily open flowers faster by following some proper steps below. 1. Provide the right environment: The environment is also important in the blooming process of flowers. Watering: Regular watering helps the plant to grow and bloom. Avoid overwatering; it may lead to root rot. Sunlight: plants should receive enough sunlight to grow and … Read more

Balsam Flower Season in India

 Balsam flower is victoria garden’s favorite flower. The native of the flower is Asia, North America, and south Africa.  Balsam flowers are used for both ornamental and medicinal purposes. Other names of balsam plants are Garden balsam, Rose balsam, and Touch me not. Botanical name- Impatiens balsamina Family- Balsaminaceae Plant type- Annual n Asia, it … Read more