How long does it take for a Lily Flower to Open

The Lily flower is a delicate, beautiful plant well known for its striking blooms. One of the fascinating aspects of lily flower opening is the slow and gradual process.

It is considered one of the oldest cultivated plants. First, these plants were used for medicinal purposes in the 2nd millennium BCE; later, the bulbs of the species were used in making food.

People in the Greeks and Romans grew it for ornamental and medicinal purposes.

So how long does it take for a lily flower to open?

Lily flowers take a few days to a week to open fully, depending upon the variety of lilies and growing conditions. The duration of the bloom usually is a few days. The majority of Asiatic lilies begin to bloom 30 to 45 days after growth starts. Orientals require between 40 and 90 days.

Lily is a representation of purity, chastity and virtue.

The pure white colour of a Lily gives it the name “pure flower”, and it is commonly regarded as a symbol of purity.

These flowers have a special place because of their aroma, grace and beauty.

They grow to a height of 2-6 feet. 

The flowers are large, with fabulous fragrances with a wide variety of colours white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple.

In this blog, we can explore various stages of a lily flower opening and examine how long it takes for a lily flower to open.

Different Lily species and their blooming time:

 The blooming time of a lily varies according to species:

          True Lily – Bloom in Spring

          Asiatic lily- Bloom in mid to late Spring

          Double Lily- Bloom in mid to late Spring

          Martagon lily- Bloom in mid to late Spring

          Oriental and Double Oriental lily- Bloom in mid to late summer

Stages of lily flower opening:

Stage 1: Emergence of flower bud from the stem:

This stage happens when the flower bud has grown to a certain size and is ready to bloom.

At this point, the bud is tightly closed and has not begun to open.

Stage 2: Initial opening of the flower:

This stage begins when the lily’s petals separate and the flower starts to unfold.

But the flower opening is still tight and packed together.

Stage 3: Flower opening:

In this stage, the flower begins to spread apart and comes to its characteristic shape.

This stage is critical because the flower will be fully open and ready to be pollinated.

Stage 4: Maturation of flower:

In the final stage during this period, flower changes colour and shape as they mature.

Eventually, the flower will begin to wilt and die.

Factors affecting lily flower opening time :

There are several factors to influence the opening of a lily flower. Both internal and external factors determine the opening of the flower.

The major factors are as follows:

1. Species of Lilly:

Different species of lilies have different blooming times; the duration may vary from a few days to several weeks.

For example- Easter lilly takes 7-10 days to open.

2. Environmental condition:

Environmental conditions also include temperature, humidity, light, and soil moisture. All affect the process of Lilly blooming.

The optimal temperature for most lilies is 65-70 Fahrenheit.

Humidity should be between 40% to 60%.

The right amount of light is very much needed for the lily flower to open; too high or too less can prevent them from blooming.

Soil moisture is necessary for the proper development of lilies.

3. Maturity of flower:

The age of the lily flower determines its stage of development, which affects how long it will take to open fully.

Lily flower goes through several stages of development from bud to fully opened flower.

Depending upon the species of Lilly, the stages may vary.

4. Nutrient availability:

Nutrient availability is crucial for the proper development of the lily flower.

Major nutrients (NPK) are essential for the growth of lily plants.

More nutrients may prevent the lily flower from opening slowly or not at all.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do you open a closed lily?

 Place the flower in a vase with warm water to open a closed lily.

 You can gently massage the petals to loosen and open them up.

 Be patient and give time for the lily to open fully.

2. Will lilies open after the cut?

Yes, cutting the lily at an angle and placing it in water can encourage the flower to open quickly.

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