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Undertake Foundation and Certified seed production with seed growers under growers contract programme during Kharif and Rabi / Summer seasons.




ADT 37, ADT 39; ADT 43; BPT 5204; BPT 3291; CR 1009; MTU 1010; MTU 1001; MTU 7029; MTU 1061; NLR 34449; NLR 145; NLR 33892; RNR 1446; RGL2537;


LRG 41; ICPL 85063;

 Hy. Redgram

ICPH 2671;


PU31; LBG 752;


LGG 460;


Jaki 9218;


TAG 24; k-6;


YLM 17; YLM 66;


Sunhemp; Pilli Pesara;

Undertake contract seed production for supply of seeds to other State Seeds Corporations and Private Seed Companies

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